Amazing Supermoon

Supermoon Nov 2016-101.jpg

On my way home from Ft. Worth yesterday, after spending some time with my daughter at the Shop Small Fort Worth holiday market, I saw the supermoon rising up between the buildings in downtown.  It was so awesome I knew I had to get a picture.  I am only sort of familiar with downtown Fort Worth and really didn't have any clue where to go to get the best shot.  I had to pull my car over to get my camera out of the back of my car and then circled around, and, as I drove, it kept moving behind buildings! Finally, I found what looked to be a good spot.   It was getting dark and I was alone, so I was a little uncertain about getting out by myself.  The moon actually moves pretty quickly so I had to decide and the photographer's desire to "get the shot" overcame my fears.  I couldn't wait to get home to see if what I captured matched what I saw with my eyes. Its pretty close, but as the saying goes, sometimes a picture just doesn't do it justice! 

For those of you who want to  capture some images, here is some information from the Nikon website about getting good shots of this month's Supermoon. 

If you’re using any of the PSAM exposure modes, setting the camera’s exposure manually or use program or shutter or aperture priority, you may want to underexpose the image to ensure that the detail of the craters on the moon’s surface aren’t blown out. Using Spot metering will also help you get the correct exposure for the moon, which will be the brightest part of your image. Use a shutter speed of at least 1/15 second or faster since the moon actually moves pretty fast across the sky.  Use a tripod or brace yourself against a solid object to keep your image in focus.  Happy shooting!