6 months old

Isn't he a cutie pie!  Celebrating his 6 month old birthday this month, we had so much fun taking Mr. Lincoln's picture.  These little ones are so precious and grow up so fast.  Hopefully, the photos from Linc's session will be treasured memories for his mom and dad for years to come.  I know this Christmas in their house will be the start of some exciting years for them.  And Linc's mom, was so great to bring this heirloom 100 year old rocking chair that has been in their family, well I guess for 100 years!  What a great treasure and it made a great addition to some of the pictures.  And LInc in his hunter's cap under the Christmas tree was so precious, and as with most little ones, all they are interested in are the shiny objects within reach!  He is the perfect present under the tree for Mom and Dad! 

Tangible Keepsakes

As I was attempting to clean out one of my closets this weekend, I came across a file box that, based on the dust on top, had not been touched in a number of years.  Thankfully, I already had the vacuum cleaner handy and once inside I found quite a menagerie of documents that took me down memory lane.  Tax statements and other documents from 3 of our previous houses, including our very first house (that was a nice, small mortgage payment), copies of medical records, one of my son's report cards, a pediatrician bill for NB girl when my daughter was an infant, as well as other things.  

But one of the most touching finds was a poem written to me by my son on Mother's Day.  No date on it, but guessing he was probably 9 or 10.  What a sweet sentiment to find years later.  

Then I realized, if I didn't have a paper copy of this, and if I only had this in a digital format, the chances of me finding this, let alone being able to open the document given the changes in technology, would have been next to impossible.  That is the risk that we run in today's ever changing digital world.  Yes, there is value in storing documents digitally, but there is no substitute for being able to hold precious memories in your hands.  Please don't keep all the pictures you take on your phones just on your phone or on your computer.  And, please don't pay a photographer to take your picture and then just ask for the digital files.  You've paid for professional services, so make sure you get the full benefit of those professional services by allowing them to ensure you have color-corrected and professionally processed images printed on archival paper that will be there for you to look at and enjoy for years to come!   And don't forget to keep a file of keepsakes!