Change of Scenery - Good for the Soul!

Randy and I have spent the past week in Angel Fire, New Mexico.  A close friend owns a home in the mountains and she invited us to spend the week here with her.  Two other long time friends joined us and it was great getting to spend times and catch up with one another in the midst of this gorgeous scenery. 

As it always seems to be for me, I need a vacation to rest, but spend some of my time doing work.  This week was no different.  After looking at work emails for the first few days, and actually doing some, albeit minimal, work remotely, I finally stopped looking at the work emails knowing if I was really needed, they would text me.  In my defense, I hate returning to work to 500+ emails so I was trying to minimize that pain!

I also see a week away as a great time to catch up on my photography business that I don't always have adequate time to focus on.  Alas, I was not as productive as I would like to have been, but console myself with the thought that some of the time just relaxing and playing games and taking long walks was needed therapy as well! 

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Quick Trip to NOLA (New Orleans, LA)

Last weekend, Randy and I traveled to New Orleans to say good-bye to a friend and former church member from our time living there who succumbed after several years of illness.  It was so good to renew acquaintances and catch up with so many people.  While there, we also took a couple of hours to walk around the French Quarter.  I actually felt like a tourist this time and was able to see things with a fresher perspective and found I could better appreciate the architecture and the uniqueness that is New Orleans.  I am finally having a chance to go through some of the images I took and tried out some special effects on some of the images to give them that old fashioned look.   In case you've never been to New Orleans, this will help give you a glimpse of some of what there is to see.   Most of these images were made in and around the French Quarter, but a few were made on Magazine Street and Uptown.  And of course, on Saturday, it was gray and overcast so I don't have a beautiful sky behind St. Louis Cathedral.