Choosing Clothes for your Portrait Session

What to wear? Whether you are preparing for your family photography session, senior session, or business headshot, clients always struggle with this basic question. Here are a few suggestions to get you started!

Number 1 - Select clothing that is comfortable! Something that you like. Something that you have been told looks good on you.

Number 2 - What color are your eyes? Wear something that brings out the color in your eyes. Your shirt, a scarf, a necklace, a sweater.

Number 3 - Solid colors win the day, but small prints like small checks or narrow stripes will work and may add interest. Bold florals or strong geometric patterns usually are more distracting.

Number 4 - Wear a couple of layers of clothing such as a light sweater, a wrap, or vest or jacket. Add a colorful scarf, tie or belt to add subtle interest.

Number 5 - Iron your clothes if they are wrinkled!

Follow these suggestions to be well on your way to looking fabulous in your portrait session! Here’s to your gorgeous self!


Choosing a Photographer

3. How should I prepare my family before the session? Pros will give you tips so your family can feel comfortable and have fun while being photographed. They might even ask for things you would not have thought. Professional photographers will also be able to answer questions such as: What colors and styles of clothing are best to wear? Should you bring a change of clothes? How do you handle a fussy child or plan for nap times? Trust them: they have their timing down and know what works.

4. Where can I find you online? Photographers’ websites are a great place to view their portfolios, read client testimonials and get a better sense of their personality. Of course, like a resume, websites often put “their best foot forward,” so be sure to dig a little deeper. Look at their social media pages and read customer reviews, as these can be very telling.

5. How will I obtain my photos and when can I expect them? Professional photographers have a reliable system for delivering photos to you in a timely manner. Be sure that you understand their process to avoid any false expectations!

6. What does your fee include and what products and packages do you offer? It is important to have a clear understanding of the session fees, what is included, and sample prices for print products and packages.

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Preparing for your Portrait Session

For most people, choosing what to wear to their portrait session can be a challenge. Below are a few guidelines that will help.

1) For most types of portrait sessions, you want to think long term. Meaning, when you look back at your image or images in 10-15 years, will you say, “What was I thinking? Why did I wear that that?” You want your clothing and style to be timeless - classic. It should compliment who you are not detract. An exception to this is senior photos, which I will cover in another post.

2) Select clothes that look good on you, that fit you well, and that are comfortable. Try them on in advance of your session and move around in them in front of a mirror checking for gaps at button closures. Clothes that provide some definition to your shape are more complimentary than baggy clothes.

3) Ladies may prefer to cover upper arms, unless you are blessed with or have worked hard to define your shape. And v-neck or scoop neck tops elongate the female neckline and show off a great necklace.

4) Solid colors or small prints work best. Avoid clothing with bold graphics or logos which can detract from your face.