Work space and brain overload

Saturday morning - this is my time to regroup from the busy week, think about what all needs to get accomplished today and tomorrow, hopefully relax some, and maybe even pick up around my house (you see where that falls in the priority list!). 

This week, I spent some lunchtimes and every evening listening to the 2017 Turn It Up Conference hosted by Matt and Carissa Kennedy of the International Academy of Wedding Photographers.  They lined up a phenomenal group of professional photographers to speak on marketing, sales, websites, and technical information.  There are some pretty amazing photographers out there and they are so willing to share what they have learned and help others who are still building their businesses and all I can say is THANK YOU!!  Although I feel like I have more money going out than in some days, I did sign up for a package from Zach & Jody Gray.  Their Ultimate Bundle package contains SO MUCH information, I am going to have write out a schedule to ensure I get through all the information so I can take full advantage of it.  I was blown away by how much information and access is provided in this bundle.  Totally worth the $.  I also signed up last year for the International Academy of Wedding Photographers course to be a certified wedding photographer.  Still waiting to do my first wedding and the knowledge and information I am gaining through those courses will be a huge asset.  

I learned some new information about websites this week and that I need to learn more about SEO so I can be found more easily by search engines.  This is mind blowing but I love the opportunity to learn more and stretch myself.  

Here's a picture of my desk where I work most of the time (when not at my day job) - note the stacks of paper, laptop (not usually on my desk) as well as my desktop computer, printer, camera bag in the floor - could definitely stand some cleaning and organization!  Randy says me sitting at the desk is the image of me that is cemented in his mind cause that's what he sees me doing so much of the time!  Yikes!  But thankfully he is totally supportive and he even joined me listening to some of the webinars this week!  We did this while cooking and eating dinner - What a great hubby!