Its been an interesting few weeks for me.  A few Sundays ago, after lunch at Spring Creek BBQ and a baby shower, I developed a gradually increasing pain in my abdomen that would not stop.  Fast forward several hours and more unpleasant symptoms and I found myself in the emergency room.  Several more hours and several diagnostic tests later, as well as a sleepless night, and we got confirmation that surgery to remove my gall bladder was the solution.  

Now, three weeks and two days later, I had my post op visit today and got a good report from my surgeon releasing me to full activity!  That also means that I had to go back to my day job, a regular schedule, and getting up early, just when I was really starting to enjoy being home and having the opportunity to get some things done at home that I rarely have a chance to get to!   During my post op recovery time, I did manage to get in a full week of photography school that was already scheduled and paid for.   I really learned a lot of valuable information and spent too much money at the trade show.  I also managed to get in a couple of photography sessions over the last couple of weeks as well - didn't want to get rusty!  

I am truly thankful for the physicians and nurses at Clements University Hospital in Dallas, where I received exceptional care and really appreciate my boss, Dr. Jessen, for coming to the ER at 10 p.m. on a Sunday night to check on me and keep an eye on things from a distance.  And very thankful for my sweet caring husband who spent a couple of nights on the sofa/bed in my hospital room, as well as many of our church family who brought food to us in my first few days after going home.  

Closing the chapter on my gall bladder and ready to get back to fun things, like photography!