Lessons Learned from My Parents

Everyone knows that when we are teenagers our parents are not the brightest stars on the planet. In fact, they can be down right irritating and may be even great hindrances to our ability to have fun! But then, miraculously, as we get older, our parents seem to become much wiser! My dad passed away when I was only 15, so I didn’t have the opportunity to appreciate him as he would surely have grown wiser. My mom passed away while my children were young, so I did have a few years to take advantage of her wisdom. Despite my limited years with them, I did manage to glean a few pieces of wisdom that I hope I have been able to instill in my children, who are now adults.

1)      Love your children unconditionally.

2)      Love God and take your children to church (don’t just send them).

3)      Life is not always easy or fair.

4)      It is good to be self-sufficient.

5)      Education is valuable.

6)      Hard work pays off.

7)      Don’t smoke!  They did and they both died from smoking-related diseases (so did Randy’s parents).   I am passionate about this!

8)      Family is important.

To add one of my own, remember to take pictures your family together - at least at special occasions, but for informal get togethers too! And occasionally, hire a professional photographer to capture some really good memories of all of you together. You won’t regret it!

What are some things you learned from your parents?

I was their Christmas present!

I was their Christmas present!

professional photography - See The Difference!

I came across this poor quality print last evening at home and thought about the difference between it and the print that is currently hanging in my office. As a professional photographer, I understand why some clients may think it makes sense for them to just get digital images rather than paying the cost to have the professional photographer handle the printing for them.

See the two pictures below from the same original digital file - the first one was printed through a company I found online (image was taken approximately 3 years ago - this is not faded from age). I thought it was a great price and I was really proud that I was getting such a good bargain. The second one was printed by my professional lab. The professionally printed one has vivid colors that are true to life with crisp lines (and it has been hanging in my office and exposed to fluorescent and indirect light every day without fading). The mail order image looks faded and just sits in the corner in my studio and rarely gets any light exposure. The difference is really quite remarkable! So where is the bargain if the finished product is of such poor quality that you don’t even want to have it displayed for your enjoyment?

Yes, there is more cost associated with having images printed professionally. But the end result is well worth it. Besides looking better, it will be printed on an archival medium that will last for many, many years. The colors will be calibrated and true to life. And don’t think that if you have the digitals you will always have them - how many computers have you upgraded and still have programs and files from 10 years ago? We can’t be sure we won’t lose thumb drives or that the technology to read these won’t change over the years. Don’t take chances with your precious memories!

So unless you are just wanting to post some fun images on Facebook, go with the investment of a professional photographer and professional printing!

poor quality from online mail order lab

poor quality from online mail order lab

Professionally printed fine art image - hanging in my office!

Professionally printed fine art image - hanging in my office!

Print Your Memories, Your Life

As a member of Professional Photographers of America, I see it as both a perk and a responsibility to educate my clients on why it is important to print images. Once your photography session is completed and you have the chance to view your gorgeous images, think about where you can display them. Where will you most enjoy looking at them, every day

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Digitals vs Printed Images

Since we live in a digital age and because we are visual people, it is not uncommon for clients to assume that having their images in a digital format is the way to go. Seems like this makes good sense. After all, digital files don’t take up that much space and if they are on your phone, you can easily get to them

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