Professional photography - Pictures that Last a Lifetime and Beyond

Who remembers Kinderfoto? I probably just dated myself because I don’t think they are still in business. It was a photography studio in area malls. I don’t remember if you had to schedule an appointment or if you just dropped in. They had packages available that were pretty reasonable given the state of our finances at the time, and seems like we took the kids in at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year, and then every year after that. I still have many of the prints, but unfortunately, the color in many of the prints has started to deteriorate. Probably the saying, “you get what you pay for” applies here.

I did manage to “splurge” a few times while my children were growing up and got good professional pictures made. Not surprising, these images still look good - color is still the same as it was when we first received them. And that’s the point I want to share here - professional photography does come at a cost and there are times when it is worth spending the extra money to get quality that will last.

And while we are going down memory lane, who knows what is in the last picture below? That used to go in the A drive on the computer - again, I’ve just dated myself and this is not the oldest media storage - there used to be a real “floppy” disk that I believe went in the B drive. Needless to say, these are now obsolete and whatever was stored on them is beyond retrieval. If it was important, too bad! Digital images certainly have their place, but make sure you get quality prints of the images that you want to preserve! Professional photographers can ensure you get quality from capturing the pose to quality printing on archival paper.

Kinderfoto from the mall.

Kinderfoto from the mall.

Professional photo - I think probably Olan Mills!

Professional photo - I think probably Olan Mills!

Do you know what this is? It used to store digital files/ images. It is now obsolete. I don’t know what is on it because I can’t put this in my computer. It is useless.

Do you know what this is? It used to store digital files/ images. It is now obsolete. I don’t know what is on it because I can’t put this in my computer. It is useless.

Lessons Learned from My Parents

Everyone knows that when we are teenagers our parents are not the brightest stars on the planet. In fact, they can be down right irritating and may be even great hindrances to our ability to have fun! But then, miraculously, as we get older, our parents seem to become much wiser! My dad passed away when I was only 15, so I didn’t have the opportunity to appreciate him as he would surely have grown wiser. My mom passed away while my children were young, so I did have a few years to take advantage of her wisdom. Despite my limited years with them, I did manage to glean a few pieces of wisdom that I hope I have been able to instill in my children, who are now adults.

1)      Love your children unconditionally.

2)      Love God and take your children to church (don’t just send them).

3)      Life is not always easy or fair.

4)      It is good to be self-sufficient.

5)      Education is valuable.

6)      Hard work pays off.

7)      Don’t smoke!  They did and they both died from smoking-related diseases (so did Randy’s parents).   I am passionate about this!

8)      Family is important.

To add one of my own, remember to take pictures your family together - at least at special occasions, but for informal get togethers too! And occasionally, hire a professional photographer to capture some really good memories of all of you together. You won’t regret it!

What are some things you learned from your parents?

I was their Christmas present!

I was their Christmas present!

Choosing a Professional Photographer

When it comes to choosing a professional photographer for your family photography session, your senior, or your baby session, It can be really confusing. What questions should you ask? What should you look for? How much is this going to cost? I’m sure you are doing some Google searches and maybe you even have a friend who has used a professional photographer before

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Value of a Portrait

You never really know the value of a portrait until it’s all you have left.  Michele Celentano

Did you catch that?  How easy it is to take it for granted that we will have our loved ones with us forever.  How about you?  Do you think you will live forever? Tomorrow is promised to no one, and no matter our age, life passes by all too quickly.  Before you know it, your children will be grown and moving out of the house.  When I recently hung this family portrait in Sally's home, she commented on how quickly her boys are growing and she was so glad they had this family portrait.  How wonderful that her boys will have this in their home - it is a visual reminder of their family connection!  

Peltz image in home.jpg

Not to sound morbid, but what memories will your children have of you when you have left this Earth?  Will they have treasured photos of you?  Will those photos include you with them in a photo?  I know so many women who literally hate to have their photo taken – me included!  I have to make myself get in the pictures, not because I don’t want to be photographed with my children or my husband, it’s just easier for me to take the photo and then I don’t have to see myself in it!  

At the recent photography conference I attended, one of my favorite photography speakers, Michele Celentano made the statement above about the value of a portrait.  I had heard her say this previously but hearing it again in person just reemphasized the truth of the statement.  Another speaker at the same conference commented about how much a nice sofa costs these days - $2000 to $3000 and more.  Then he asked, “If your house were to catch fire, would you try to carry that sofa outside with you?” Highly unlikely!  But you very likely might scoop up photo albums or carry that heirloom portrait of your family out with you.  My sister-in-law did that very thing one evening when there were grass fires near their home in the country and we were encouraged to get out of the house.  All she could think of (aside from everyone’s physical safety) was grabbing whatever photographs she could gather and carry out. 

How about you?  Do you have portraits of you and your family?  Do you know the value they will bring to your family members in the future?   Remember Michele’s saying - You never really know the value of a portrait until it’s all you have left.  Make sure you leave something valuable behind for your family!

The Holidays are coming!

Despite the 95 degree temperatures we continue to experience daily here in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex, the date on the calendar says it is now fall and we are seriously only 3 months until Christmas.  Don't you know the time will fly by!  

Have you started thinking about gifts yet?  It can definitely be overwhelming!  

I want to help with that and I have a great suggestion for you!  Give a gift that will be cherished for a lifetime.  A photograph of you, you and your family, and/or your children!   Beyond the regular photo prints, there are so many great options available today that you can definitely find just the right way to show off your photo(s) with all the people on your gift list.  

And, because I know you are busy, I'm offering both Mini Sessions and Regular Sessions and these can be scheduled at a mutually agreeable date and time.  Don't put this off any longer! 
Give me a call today - 214-697-5898.  

Here is more information on the difference between the mini sessions and regular sessions.  Can't wait to hear from you!

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Fun Christmas Photo Session

What is fun and chaotic at the same time!  Photographing a family with twin 2 year old boys who weren't exactly thrilled to hold still for poses!   Add in mom and dad, grand mom, aunt and cousin and all of them posing in their "ugly Christmas sweaters", and Stella the dog (who was a great model) and you've got an interesting photo session!  They were great and lots of fun.  Here are a few images from our session. 

Shields Christmas 2016 lo res wm-00086.jpg