A Time for Reflection

I can’t believe this year is quickly coming to an end!  As usual, it seems like it has gone way too quickly and yet I also often feel like I am living for the weekends and counting time by the weeks rather than looking for opportunities each day to make a difference somewhere. 

As is typical when something comes to a close, we often take time to reflect back to think on what was good and not so good, what we learned and what opportunities we may have missed and what we could have improved.   To further drive this thought process for me is the fact that we have had 3 men in our church pass away this year, with the most recent one occurring just before Christmas.  This most recent gentleman (and his wife) was someone we socialized with fairly regularly, so we felt his passing on a very personal level.   And then, the father of my very good friend also passed away just before Christmas, so we had 2 funerals in 3 days.   It is these circumstances that cause me to pause and think about my life and at the point that my time on Earth is done, wonder how will my life be remembered?  Will I have made someone’s life better through my interactions and involvement?  Will I have been a good witness for my faith in God? 

Let me start my reflection by listing the things that I am thankful for – something I realize I do not do often enough! (Our friend Rusty had a list of things he was thankful for and how blessed Randy and I were to find out he had included us on his list!)

1)      My faith in God above all else because this is what gives true meaning to my existence and provides the firm foundation of my life.

2)      My husband – Randy – who I know loves me faithfully and unconditionally.

3)      My children – Lisa and Greg – who are grown, independent, smart, self-sufficient, successful, but most of all loving and caring.

4)      My friends, co-workers and extended family who enrich our lives and keep us grounded by having a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves.

5)      My day job managing a clinical academic department at a major medical center – although sometimes I may grumble about it, it has been a wonderful provision for us and has allowed me to grow in knowledge, skills, and experience as well as being part of a group of very dedicated surgeons  and care givers who save lives and make a positive difference in the lives of their patients every day!

6)      My photography business – how blessed I am to be able to learn a craft that started out as a hobby and developed into a business that gives me the opportunity to continually learn and grow both in the technical and business aspects. The photography community is amazing and so very helpful and not afraid to share their knowledge.  But most importantly, my photography business is allowing me to grow as an individual and provides me with the opportunity to hopefully enhance the lives of those who I serve.   

This is a good start but definitely not an exhaustive list! 

Now it’s time to set some goals for the new year!