The Wow of wall portraits

Have you ever walked through a room or an open space and a wall painting just caught your attention?  Maybe it was the colors, the composition, how real it looked, how it made you just want to go up and take a closer look?  How about a compelling wall portrait?   Maybe in a museum, a government building, an office, or even in someone's home?  How real the person looked, like they were just right there! Have you ever thought about having a wall portrait of your family, your children, you and your spouse?  Although we have always had a fair share of framed pictures of our family around our home, for the most part our "portraits" have been limited to tabletop sized prints - 8x10s and 5x7s.  

Becoming a professional photographer and utilizing the services of a professional photography lab has truly opened my eyes to the myriad possibilities of ways to display images.  Two of my favorites have become the framed gallery wrap and the framed fine art print.   The fine art print can be framed with no glass and while this picture doesn't do it justice, Randy and I were literally blown away when this arrived from the lab.  It is truly 3-dimensional and very realistic.  The size is 16"x 16" square.  Not too big, but big enough to catch your attention. 

I was also really excited when I ordered and received my first gallery wraps in floating frames.  Gallery wraps are great but mounting inside a floating frame really finishes them.   Here are a couple of samples.  Mackenzie is in a 20"x 24" black frame printed on metallic paper - really makes the colors pop!  

I'm really proud of the picture of Randy.  He is a patient model for me and I was so happy to be able to have a great picture of him to display in a framed gallery wrap.  His frame is a 11"x 14" chestnut gold brushed finish .  

So the moral of this story is think outside the 8"x 10" box and envision what your images will look like as a piece of art in your home! 

Birthdays & Families

My son's birthday is today.  Happy Birthday Greg!   Our family got together last evening to celebrate and just enjoy being together.  We grilled steaks and corn on the cob and we had grilled shrimp too, but since we forgot it on the grill, it sort of came at the end of the meal!  And we had Sister Schubert rolls.  Greg, and well all of us, love those dinner rolls and we have them at most family gatherings.  Greg also loves Blue Bell ice cream drowning in Hershey's chocolate syrup. Surprisingly, the half-gallon is sill in my freezer untouched.  Everyone was full and declined dessert.  

The weather was absolutely perfect and we enjoyed dining and visiting together on the patio. What I really enjoyed was the laughter and listening to my son and daughter reminiscing about past times and events from their childhood.  Unfortunately, none of us managed to take a photo to commemorate the evening but that doesn't lessen the memory.  

Greg has been building a chopper motorcycle in his garage for a couple of years now and all that is left now is to paint it.  To paint it correctly, he has to disassemble the entire bike and send it off to have it professionally painted.  What an undertaking!   I've included a photo of him here in the early stages working on it.  Stay tuned for photos of the finished project!  

Headshots on a beautiful afternoon

Recently took some portrait and headshots of Lisa, my daughter.  It was a gorgeous afternoon, late in the day and since she graduated from TCU we knew they have some areas that would likely serve as great backgrounds and we weren't disappointed.  We had lots of fun spending time together and I think we got some really nice images of her.  

Lisa low res-00012.jpg

Playing Picture-Made

When my son and daughter were children, and we frequently got together with another family.  Our two and their two daughters would play "picture-made" and they would take turns posing and taking pretend pictures of each other.   Fast forward to this past weekend when I received a new background that I ordered when we were at the photography convention in San Antonio. It finally arrived and I couldn't wait to set it up and take some test shots.  When we got home from church and while Randy was still in nice clothes, I made him play "picture-made"   to let me try out some lighting with the new background.  

I am really pleased with my purchase, we got some nice pics of Randy, and I can't wait to use it on real clients!  Here are a couple of the finished images from my hubby picture-made session.