Vacation Time - Taking Great Family Vacation Photos

Summer’s here - time for Family Vacation and Photos

Can you believe it is already summer! And that means its VACATION TIME for many of you. Where are you going this summer? Somewhere enjoyable and maybe even exciting I hope! Where ever you go, make the most of it and make it memorable!

As I was thinking about this blog, I made a little trip down memory lane by looking through some photos in our family albums. Wow, I forgot some of the things we did with our children when they were young, and how glad I was that we have pictures to remind us. Now some of my pictures are better than others, some are not at all great technically. When I took these, I definitely wasn’t thinking about all the things that I think about now when I take a picture - like lighting and composition. But, you don’t need to be a professional photographer to do some minor things to help capture a great memory of your family and make it a pretty decent image as well.

Here are a few tips for taking great family vacation photos:

  • Show the personalities of your family members.

  • Show them having fun.

  • Capture them when they aren’t posing, but are just being themselves.

  • Be sure to ask someone else to take a photo of all of you occasionally- so you can be in a few pictures too !!!

  • If possible, try to compose your family with a fairly solid background so they don’t get lost in whatever is going on behind them.

  • And along with that, put some distance between them and the background which will also help them stand out.

  • Avoid standing them up against a wall - so they don’t look like they are in a police line up! Again, put some distance between them and the background.

  • Be sure and download them and save them in whatever format works for you - but prints are good and they are a tangible way to remember!

Take a scroll through a few of our family vacation pics through the years. Some are at the beach, at a friend’s lake house, from a trip to Disney World, and the last one is my son’s favorite of him riding horseback in Royal Gorge, Colorado. I think he likes this one because although we were in a caravan of others on horseback, he looks like a big boy all by himself riding the horse up the mountain! He has other fond memories of the horseback ride that day which further contribute to him liking this image!