Print Your Memories, Your Life

As a member of Professional Photographers of America, I see it as both a perk and a responsibility to educate my clients on why it is important to print images. Once your photography session is completed and you have the chance to view your gorgeous images, think about where you can display them. Where will you most enjoy looking at them, every day? Maybe you want to hang a portrait in your living room for all your visitors to see. Maybe you’ll put one in your stairway landing so your family sees it as they come and go each day. Maybe you want a family portrait in your bedroom so it is the first and last thing you see each day. I hope you will also see the importance of getting your valuable and memorable images printed so you will have them for life and you can pass them down to your future generations to cherish and enjoy! Help your children and their children know their history, their ancestry. PPA has provided the information below and I find it quite compelling. I hope you will as well.

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