Digitals vs Printed Images

Since we live in a digital age and because we are visual people, it is not uncommon for clients to assume that having their images in a digital format is the way to go. Seems like this makes good sense. After all, digital files don’t take up that much space and if they are on your phone, you can easily get to them, right?!.

I’d like to share with you a different perspective on why you should print your images:

  • Because your prints are for today, tomorrow and all the tomorrows after that.

  • Because prints remind us of what love really feels like.

  • Because they’re only young once.

  • Because the place to save money is not on the most important purchases.

  • Because when there’s a fire, what’s the first thing you grab?

  • Because so many photos get lost, or even worse, deleted off of old hard drives.

  • Because you put too much work into your family not to show them off!

  • Because technology comes and goes.

  • Because a memory stick in a drawer is pointless.

  • Because your parents and grandparents won’t be around forever.

  • Because a hard drive doesn’t trigger a smile.

  • Because memories are tied to touch.

  • Because there’s nothing like sitting down by a fireplace and flipping through the pages of a family album.

  • Because there are moments you can’t get back, but a print can make you feel them again!