Choosing a Professional Photographer

When it comes to choosing a professional photographer for your family photography session, your senior, or your baby session, It can be really confusing. What questions should you ask? What should you look for? How much is this going to cost? I’m sure you are doing some Google searches and maybe you even have a friend who has used a professional photographer before. And, you may have seen a photography studio in the shopping center.

There are many photographers out there and there are just as many different styles and levels of experience. Because having your portraits made professionally is not something you do frequently, here are a few suggested questions that you may want to ask as you gather more information so you can make the right choice for you.

1. Can I see some of your recent work? And you should see some of their work. An amateur may be able to take a few great shots every now and then, but professionals know how to consistently create great results.

2. Do you specialize in any one type of photography? What is your photographic style? Photographers often specialize in one genre over another. If they mention solely working with family portraits, then you can rest assured that their passions are aligned with your needs. You may also want to ask why they chose that particular area to better understand if/how they will be able to connect with your family. A photographer’s style is reflected in their portfolio, so asking them to produce a radically different style is a recipe for disaster. You’re counting on their knowledge of composition, lighting, posing and more to create images that fit your vision.

3. How should I prepare my family before the session? Pros will give you tips so your family can feel comfortable and have fun while being photographed. They might even ask for things you would not have thought. Professional photographers will also be able to answer questions such as: What colors and styles of clothing are best to wear? Should you bring a change of clothes? How do you handle a fussy child or plan for nap times? Trust them: they have their timing down and know what works.

4. Where can I find you online? Photographers’ websites are a great place to view their portfolios, read client testimonials and get a better sense of their personality. Of course, like a resume, websites often put “their best foot forward,” so be sure to dig a little deeper. Look at their social media pages and read customer reviews, as these can be very telling.

5. How will I obtain my photos and when can I expect them? Professional photographers have a reliable system for delivering photos to you in a timely manner. Be sure that you understand their process to avoid any false expectations!

6. What does your fee include and what products and packages do you offer? It is important to have a clear understanding of the session fees, what is included, and sample prices for print products and packages.

Professional Portrait

Professional Portrait