Change of Scenery - Good for the Soul!

Randy and I have spent the past week in Angel Fire, New Mexico.  A close friend owns a home in the mountains and she invited us to spend the week here with her.  Two other long time friends joined us and it was great getting to spend times and catch up with one another in the midst of this gorgeous scenery. 

As it always seems to be for me, I need a vacation to rest, but spend some of my time doing work.  This week was no different.  After looking at work emails for the first few days, and actually doing some, albeit minimal, work remotely, I finally stopped looking at the work emails knowing if I was really needed, they would text me.  In my defense, I hate returning to work to 500+ emails so I was trying to minimize that pain!

I also see a week away as a great time to catch up on my photography business that I don't always have adequate time to focus on.  Alas, I was not as productive as I would like to have been, but console myself with the thought that some of the time just relaxing and playing games and taking long walks was needed therapy as well! 

My two girl friends are avid walkers and they were positive encouragement for me to get out and get some great exercise.  We had to plan our time carefully however, because the weather here has been a bit challenging with rain every day.  That did not deter us, however, because thanks to technology at our fingertips, we were able to plan our walks and make it back just as rain drops were starting.  

I've included some pictures that I took from some of our walks.  Angel Fire is at 8600 ft elevation.  That presents challenges when your body and lungs are not accustomed to that altitude.  The terrain here is not flat either.  Most of the trails, even if they look flat, go up and down.  Some go really up and down.  There are also lots of rabbit or gopher holes, that if you aren't careful you will find yourself down in a heap.  Fortunately, that did not happen to any of us.  Our last walk was the most challenging at 4+ miles and let's just say my glutes and quads got a really good work out.  Most of the walk was in two different meadows, but to get from one to the other, we walked up a rocky trail up over the mountain and down the other side.  

Along the way, we had great conversation and caught up with our one friend who has been a missionary in Japan for the past 35 years and they are now returning to the States for home assignment.  We have seen her every five years when they came home on furlough and stay in touch through their prayer letters and email.  We all became friends through our church when her husband was in seminary.  It is wonderful when friendships span many years and distances.  

So here's to a change of scenery - it is good for the soul and for refreshing our minds and bodies!


2018 Angel Fire-8191.JPG
2018 Angel Fire-8190.JPG