Appreciating Life

As many of you know, I work at UT Southwestern in the Cardiothoracic Surgery department.  The doctors in my department save lives and accomplish miracles everyday.  And I must say, it is pretty awesome to know that I am part of that in some small way.  

Today, as I got off the elevators to go to lunch, one of our surgeons was waiting to get on the elevator.  He was smiling big and said he had just run into 3 of his transplant patients in the lobby of our building. They were all doing well, and no doubt expressed their gratitude and appreciation to him once again.  He said, "I should come over to the office more often!"

Knowing the life-threatening nature of the health conditions of many of our patients makes me very thankful for my health and what a blessing life is and how easy it is to take these blessings for granted.  So hug someone you care about and tell them you love them, say your prayers tonight giving thanks for your many blessings, and next time you see your doctor, tell him or her how grateful you are for their knowledge, skill, and dedication!