More Life Connections

I continue to be reminded of the importance of connections in our lives.  Yesterday, I attended the funeral of my cousin, Tim.  Tim’s life ended much sooner than we normally anticipate for his age, but such is the case with cancer.   Attending a funeral always causes me to become introspective as I listen to the words spoken about the individual being honored and remembered. And I always wonder what kind of legacy I am creating, and what will those left behind when I am gone be able to say about me?

In Tim’s case, there were many, many friends and co-workers from his years in police work, in addition to our family members.  They had many wonderful things to say about him and I was sad that I had not had more opportunities to know him better as an adult.   

I was also sad that not many of our family members were able to be present and that again reinforced for me the importance of connections in our lives.  As I hugged his brother and said good-bye at the grave site, I commented that we would have to have a family get together under happier circumstances.  He said, “but we won’t do it, we never do.” 

So there is my challenge to help make sure it does happen, and it is a challenge to all of us, to make sure that we look for and create opportunities to maintain those important connections in our lives, whether it is family or friends.