Count down to career change -

Approximately one year from now, the plan is for me to leave my current full time job in academic medicine and transition to my photography business full time.  I suspect that I will miss my current job more than I can appreciate at this time, and I know I will miss the daily interaction with our doctors and clinicians and being a part of helping behind the scenes as they provide such excellent care to our patients.  

Anticipating the change is a little fear inducing and a lot of excitement generating!  I’ve been working toward this for the past couple of years and over the next 12 months my plan is to continue putting the pieces in place in my business that will allow me to step into my new journey.   As with most things, when you first start a new endeavor, you really don’t know what all is involved or what all will be required.   And as when we start on any journey, we can’t always see the end of the road, but we can see just far enough in front of us to move forward and then we rely on maps and other resources to help us anticipate and plan for what lies ahead around the next curve in the road and up and over the next hill. 

And, like other journeys, I am very much looking forward to what the future holds. As Randy frequently reminds me as I am up late working, editing images and reading about technical things and the business-side of photography and spending more of our money than I ever could have imagined, that I am laying my foundation now!  I am very thankful for his support and encouragement - definitely helps when I feel guilty for being in front of the computer so many hours and feeling like I'm not being a very good wife. 

I'm keeping my transition date still open to adjustment at this time but will need to make a more firm decision by early fall to be fair to my current office and co-workers.  

Stay tuned for periodic updates throughout the year.