Valuing Family Generations

Value. That’s a word that carries a lot of weight these days. Everyone wants a good value. We tend to measure purchases and experiences by whether or not they are a good value to us. What is the price for value? Does good value have a price? What is the value of something that is priceless?

If you’ve read a few of my blogs, you’ve likely picked up on my theme of valuing family. To that end, I’ve started a project where I want to create some portraits representing several generations. This past weekend I had the privilege of photographing a family represented by Joann, the matriarch, her daughter, Ginger, her daughter Angela, and daughter-in-law Ashley, and her three daughters. That’s 4 generations! How special that is and how blessed this family is to be able to enjoy the uniqueness and variety of perspectives and love offered by this span of approximately 70 years. What a gift! A priceless gift!

What do you value? As I’ve quoted Michele Celentano previously, “you never know the value of something until its gone.” Don’t wait until something is gone from your life to fully appreciate the value it adds to your life!

Here are a few images from this generational portrait session.

Haney low res-9677.jpg
Haney low res-9685.jpg
Haney low res-9768.jpg
Haney low res-9717.jpg
Haney low res-9763.jpg