What's on Your Wall?

Sort of like the commercial for Capital One, where they ask “What’s in your wallet?” my question is, “What’s on your wall?”

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of photographing a young family, Rebekah and Michael and their precious 2 year old daughter - Ruth. She was so much fun and had SO MUCH ENERGY!

Fast forward several months and Rebekah forwarded me the images below of her wall portraits that they purchased and now have displayed in their home! I love seeing these hanging in their home and know that as Ruth grows up, one way that she will know she is special and loved will be seeing pictures of herself hanging in her family’s home!

Do you have at least one family portrait hanging on your wall? With the Christmas season here - I know you are thinking about decorating gifts! Be sure to include this important gift of personalized wall art!

Rebekah's family wall portrait.jpg
Rebekah and Michael wall portrait.jpg
Warwick home images 1.jpg