Happy 2018!

As regular as clock-work, 2018 has arrived!  Are you looking forward to a great year!  I definitely am and hopefully you are as well.  

To get a good start to making it a great year, here are 3 suggestions to improve your odds of that occuring! 

Number 1 -  Do one thing at a time. 
 I don't know about you, but in my job, things are flying at me all the time and I am constantly bombarded with emails and interruptions and get pulled back and forth between tasks.  I get to the end of the day and realize how much I've started but not finished.  I think I'm a good multi-tasker but in the end, if things are left undone, I must not be accomplishing as much as want to I think.  Studies show that we are more effective when we focus on one thing at a time and I find that is true for me.  While we can't always control the emails and interruptions, we can control (most of the time) how we prioritize handling these and if we don't take charge, then the tasks will and then we are overwhelmed, frustrated, and less effective.  

Number 2 - Accomplish something that you have been meaning to do but keep putting it off.
You'll feel so much better.  It is surprising how things hanging over our heads weigh us down.  Sometimes we don't even realize what is keeping us from moving forward.  Go ahead, just jump in, get it over with, and done! You'll be surprised at how good it will feel to have it done and then it will free you up to start on something more exciting! 

Number 3 - Invest in yourself - Learn something new! 
No matter how accomplished we may be or how much education we've completed, there is always something new that can be learned.  Learn a new skill, increase your vocabulary, a new language.  Read a book.  Go to a museum and really study about the artists.  View your city as though you are a visitor and go sightseeing in your city or one nearby.  Go ahead - it will make you a more interesting person as well as it being fun!

Here's to our improved selves in 2018!