Texas Ballet Theater Headshots

I was so in awe of the opportunity on Monday to take professional headshots for the staff of Texas Ballet Theater based in Fort Worth.  They have a staff of about 30that includes front desk staff, finance/accounting, marketing and box office sales, a seamstress, education staff, fund raisers, creative directors, and executives.  And of course the company of dancers!  It was a rare opportunity to see this type of organization from the inside, and I only had a glimpse.  What I learned is that this is a passionate group of individuals who consistently go above their normal job expectations to ensure this wonderful organization is able to deliver outstanding performances to bring culture and entertainment to the rest of us.  

Here are just a few of the many faces at Texas Ballet Theater.  The most tenured individual there is Masako, who has been there I believe she said since the 1980's.  She is responsible for ensuring all the costumes are tailor-fit to each dancer. 

Be sure to get some culture and attend one (or more) of their performances - they are top notch! 

TBT 6 up collage 2.jpg