WHY choose lea rhea photography?

I love working with my clients and helping capture a moment in your life that will be special and memorable.  Think back through your life and the connections you feel to your loved ones and how essential those connections are to your well-being.  They tell you who you are, who you are a part of, where you belong.  We all want to belong somewhere to some thing and be a part of something bigger and more meaningful.  We want to know how we fit into this life, where we came from and what defines us - in short, what is our story?  What helps bring those memories back for you?  What tells your story to your loved ones and future generations?  The power and impact of being able to touch and reminisce with your memories over and over again is priceless.  

Displayed photographs provide a link - to tell YOUR story - your family’s story!


The overriding goal of our photography session together will be to create and capture that critical emotional connection that will provide cherished memories to last you and your family for generations.  My desire is that together we have a fun and memorable time as we create these memories for your future. 

A Little History: 

Ironically, I have never enjoyed having my picture taken, often resulting in a grimace on my face and in my body language.   As a child, the flash terrified me and I would run and hide my eyes.  Understanding these fears and emotions of being in front of a camera, I want to help you to be comfortable and relaxed so we can capture the real you and create images that you and your family will cherish for many years.  


I am married to Randy, to my life-long love, and we have a beautiful daughter, Lisa and a handsome son, Greg (moms are entitled to be biased).  They are both grown and live on their own.  I am so proud of them and am thankful for the kind and loving adults they have become - what a blessing!   I am a working professional having worked in the clinical and academic medical field for more years than I want to admit. This background gives me a lot of insight and perspective on what is important in life as well as in business.

Besides my family, I cherish my faith that grounds me and guides me, as well as friends, both those I've known since childhood and those that have come into my life in more recent years.  I also enjoy shopping, relaxing at home on Saturday mornings when the house is quiet, decorating, traveling, most anything chocolate, but especially chocolate almonds, and of course - photography!    

This is me, Lea Rhea, and my husband Randy on vacation in Mexico. Randy sometimes comes with me on photo shoots, so thought you would want to get to know him as well.

This is me, Lea Rhea, and my husband Randy on vacation in Mexico. Randy sometimes comes with me on photo shoots, so thought you would want to get to know him as well.

Why Choose a Professional Photographer?

In invite you to watch the video below produced by Professional Photographers of America .


My focus is on portraiture - newborns, children, families, and tweens and teenagers (including seniors!) as well as business and corporate professional headshots.  I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America and Texas Professional Photographers Association and am based in Grand Prairie, Texas in the heart of the Dallas and Ft. Worth Metroplex.   

Your satisfaction is my goal and I would be honored to have the opportunity to work with you to create and capture your special memories.  

Contact me at 214-697-5898 and let's get started creating your memories! 

 Lea Rhea

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